How You Can Help


1. Share Your Story

Call us at (716) 883-0529. Visit our headquarters at 60 Hedley Place and bring pictures that we can copy. Use our website to upload video, email or write your story on our blog at

2. Share Printed and Electronic Information with Others

Please share information with neighbors, friends & family in meetings or through email.

3. Host an “I Remember” Get-Together

Invite your friends over for a chat and reminisce about when Humboldt Parkway was beautiful and why we need to restore it. Take phone/camera videos or camera still shots of the discussion and share the video file or jpegs with us.

4. Participate

We need your support and active engagement.

  • Tie a Green Ribbon around a tree in your front yard.

  • Place a Lawn Sign.

  • Visit us at our “I Remember” Booth at the annual Juneteenth Festival.

5. Use Social Media

Share your opinion and thoughts through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Tag us in your tweets and postings (@roccbuffalo). Use hashtags: #IRemember, #HumboldtParkway, #RestoreHumboldt, #ROCCBuffalo.

6. Invite Us to Visit Your Group

Please contact us at or call (716) 883-0529 and ask us to be a part of your meeting or event.

7. Call, Write, or Email The New York State Department of Transportation.

New York State Department of Transportation Personnel

8. Call, Write, or Email to your Elected Officials. Tell them to put the PARK back in Humboldt Parkway.

City of Buffalo Elected Officials

Erie County Elected Officials

New York State Elected Officials

Federal Elected Officials