The Reason

Three Reasons Why We Must Restore Humboldt Parkway

1. Economic Impact

Create Jobs
A massive construction project to cover the Kensington Expressway could create almost 1000 construction jobs, with an unparalleled opportunity for inclusion and job training.

Increase Property Values and Create Wealth
Parks, Parkways and green space add property value, thus increasing the asset base for property owners. This is sorely needed in the undernourished residential and commercial neighborhoods around Humboldt Parkway.

Invest for the Long Term
Although a construction project of $560 million sounds expensive, we must consider the long-term economic benefits for employment and wealth creation.


For the Jefferson and Fillmore Avenue Business Districts.

2. Environmental Remediation

Environmental Safety
Pollution from Route 33 traffic has caused inordinate respiratory illnesses for families in the community. Give our children a clean, safe environment by decreasing pollution and health hazards caused by heavy traffic volume.

Reduction In Crime
When neighborhoods are improved, property values are increased and jobs are created, it follows that crime is reduced.

3. Quality of Life and Restorative Justice

Restore Olmsted’s Vision
A complete park and parkway system, bridges public accessibility and adds green space throughout the city.

Enhance Buffalo’s Architectural Revival
A green parkway improves our street grid and re-establishes a connection between Delaware and Martin Luther King Parks, per Olmsted’s design.

Beautify Our Community
Use Humboldt Parkway as the centerpiece for Hamlin Park, just as Bidwell Parkway provides an enhanced quality of life for Elmwood Village.

Include All Residents in Buffalo’s Economic Renaissance
Joining together on the Restore Our Community Project allows East Side residents to become active participants in the revitalization of their own neighborhood.

Embrace City Rebirth
Make East Side an active component to Buffalo’s redevelopment; no neighborhoods are to be left behind.