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Words from the Community


Words from the Community

Various Buffalo residents and business leaders sound off on the importance of a neighborhood parkway.

Albert J. Baxter Jr.

Patricia Baxter

Edna Gayles Kay

David Stieglitz

Melvin Parker


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87 Humboldt Parkway


87 Humboldt Parkway

Special thanks to Daniel Cadzow for these lovely photos of Humboldt Parkway (c. 1920s)

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With a Year Left, U.S. Transportation Secretary Sets New Goals


With a Year Left, U.S. Transportation Secretary Sets New Goals

Posted: January 26, 2016

Source: Governing

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, a former mayor of Charlotte, N.C., has plenty left to do in the Obama administration’s final year. His agency is pushing cities to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, hosting a “Smart City” competition to showcase how technology can improve transportation, and doling out money from a new five-year, $305 billion federal transportation package.

But in recent weeks, Foxx added two more items that resonate with […]

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I Remember Interviews


I Remember Interviews

Tribute to Clark Eaton

Interview with Florence Johnson

Interview with George Scott

Interview with Sheila Lynn Brown

Interview with Maxine Herring-Hall

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ROCC Article and Essay


ROCC Article and Essay

We also accept essays and columns from our supporters!

Claire Castiglia of Canisius College shared with us her own views on Humboldt Parkway and the Kensington Expressway after attending our Humboldt Harvest in November.

Prior to coming to school in Buffalo, NY I hadn’t spent much time in the city. I truly hadn’t known too much about the city aside from the intense love for sports teams like the Bills or the correct way to eat wings. […]

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Freeways without Futures 2019


Freeways without Futures 2019

Routes 33 and 198 have made the 2019 list for the Congress for the New Urbanism’s Freeways without Futures!

As the name suggests, cities across America are working to remove the imprint of aging expressways from parks and neighborhoods that have long suffered from disinvestments.

Local Coverage:






Buffalo Rising

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Fruit Belt, 1957-58


Fruit Belt, 1957-58

Special thanks to Jason Howe for sharing these historic photos of the neighborhoods in and surrounding the Fruit Belt!

Taken in December 1957 and December 1958 before construction of Route 33 began, these photos give a glimpse of the natural fabric that once […]

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“Bury This Big Mistake”


“Bury This Big Mistake”

Below is an article featured in Artvoice March 3, 2010. Images used in the article were provided to Artvoice by David Torke.

“Bury This Big Mistake

Transportation officials begin studying several expensive ways — and one intriguing bargain — to reclaim Humboldt Parkway.

Sixty-two years ago, William Gallancy, an associate engineer with New York State’s Department of Public Works, told a standing-room-only crowd at St. James Evangelical and Reformed Church on High Street […]

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“A Buffalo Neighborhood Renews Its Olmsted Legacy (2012)”


“A Buffalo Neighborhood Renews Its Olmsted Legacy (2012)”

Below article appeared in Library of American Landscape History.

“A Buffalo Neighborhood Renews Its Olmsted Legacy (2012)

Humboldt Park, Buffalo, New York

When Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux began work on the nation’s first comprehensive municipal park system in 1869, Buffalo was the eighth largest city in the country and one of the busiest ports on earth. Functioning as the gateway to the Midwest via the Erie Canal and the […]

“A Buffalo Neighborhood Renews Its Olmsted Legacy (2012)”2021-10-12T03:40:18+00:00
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